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My personal story of opening a blog - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine Fashionblog

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So this is my first post for Magnolia Charles. I’ve planned to write this sentence for such a long time and you can’t believe how important it is for me. Because of that I wanted to tell you about my way to blogging , since it wasn’t just a “Oh, let’s try it” decision.

Blogging from home - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine FashionblogAfternoon tea on my grey velvet sofa - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine Fashionblog

Everything began nearly 8 years ago when the first fashion blogs were out there. When I found this world I was on fire, even though blogs haven’t been as big then as they are today. But the concept of girls being their own editor and writing in a personal way showing real outfits was amazing. I was still in highschool then but followed the ride the blogging world took in the next years. I immediately knew that I wanted to start my own blog and tried some things out, but it never really was the time for me. Since I’m extremely ambitious I wanted to concentrate on school and after that on university and my good marks (not the biggest multitasking talent over here). Also I always thought, when I do this incredible thing, that was in my head and heart for such a long time, I want to do it right and really put all my energy and love in it.

Afternoon tea while blogging - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine Fashionblog

Right after I finished university last year and got my first job, I knew the time was here and therefor started the planning process. Blogging was at a whole new level of course, but I studied every detail of blogging in the last years, so I kind of knew what I had to think of. I don’t know if it was the right decision to wait so long to start something that I was so enthusiastic about and I know in fact that many people won’t understand why to make such a whirlwind out of opening a blog. But having my own digital brand, that a blog is today, became the most important, terrifying and exciting project for me. It was just as if I found the one thing that I really wanted to do, that makes me more than passionate and that was the first thing I am thinking of in the morning. Just as other people want to be a sports star or a singer, my biggest dream was to become a blogger.

Enjoying my afternoon tea - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine Fashionblog

There are so many things to think about when opening a blog, which I could write a whole post about itself. There is the branding, the design, all that technical stuff and hosting, the photography, the editorial planning and so many other to dos to think of. But the most important thing for me was that the blog would mirror my true self and really consists of a branding, design and content that I’m 100% proud of. And I need to admit here that I was so scared that the result wouldn’t fit my expectations. So in my usual type-A behavior I thought exact planning is the best way to think of everything and even though nothing will be perfect at the opening date (of course it can’t be) it is my way of doing things.

Writing my fashionblog from my cozy living room - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine FashionblogStylish classic living room - Magnolia Charles - Berlin based feminine Fashionblog

More than anything I’m passionate about my niche of feminine and classic fashion and proudly see myself as a preserver of it. One of the main reasons I opened this blog was that I felt the need to share this passion and get in contact with like-minded souls. I can’t wait to inspire you with my style and personal thoughts and really hope to create this world of pretty stories that makes you as excited for classic feminity as I am.

All in all blogging was made for me. It’s the combination of being a stylist, model, editor, photographer, brand/project manager and a honest diary of a real women’s life that makes blogging the perfect job for me, since I could never be just one of it. It’s the possibility to create my own fashion and lifestyle brand and I can’t wait to be a part of this blogging world after all of this planning. Right now the most important thing is to give my very best to create amazing content for you and just have fun with it. And I can tell you it is so much fun for me already!

Photos by Thomas Lewin

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