Late Summer Bike Ride

Late Summer Bike Ride Blush pink bike

 Savoring those last summer rays

Yes, most of us fashion bloggers are already seriously thinking about transitional wear or even our Autumn closet right now, but we should better enjoy those last warm and light summer days. I definitely did while shooting this fairytale post in the park last weekend. It was such a beautiful warm Saturday and the perfect occasion to wear this feminine periwinkle blue lace dress.

Periwinkle blue is even an Autumn 2017 trend, so you could definitely stye this dress up with a leather jacket or trench coat for fall. With my beloved Ferragamo Vara flats (that are finally breaking in a little bit and getting more and more comfy) this look is obviously very summery. Especially because of the blush pink bike and flowers that are an absolute dream. Of course I intentionally picked up these gorgeous roses in the morning to match my bike. Normally I wouldn’t bike around with roses in the basket every weekend (they didn’t like the bumps at all). But you don’t even need them or a pretty dress. This mbm Boulevard bike is goals and you feel amazing driving it. That’s what I was most surprised about, it doesn’t just look cute, but also drives very easily.

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