How to have timeless style while experimenting with trends

Good Morning everyone!

How’s your week so far? I won’t lie, mine was quiet mixed up. The weekend was so so lovely spend with my love. We actually did a lot more together than we usually would, since he left for a two week vacation in Thailand with his best friend on Sunday evening. I miss him so much and I can tell you, that’s how you know that you’re really absolutely in love with someone. Usually I’m a person that loves me-time and I can entertain myself very well, but it’s just not as enjoyable for me, now that he’s gone for such a long time. Never the less we had the best weekend ever with a photoshoot together, that I can’t wait to show you, great time with family and friends and time for us with a lovely Sunday brunch.

On Tuesday we had a bank holiday in Germany and since I have a full time job, I wanted to be very productive on the blog writing up this post (that I actually write on Wednesday now) and shooting some more looks. Then I had a late start in the morning and got caught up preparing the looks and when I met my friend to shoot them, it was already too dark. In the evening I was so disappointed with myself, that I just managed to edit a batch of photos.

Well, that’s real life. Even though I’m a very organized and perfectionist person half of the time everything just don’t go as planned. And I really want to share more of these insights with you. I think this happens to the most of us ALL the time. But you just have to accept it, wake up the next day and see new possibilities. Motivate yourself to work harder and the next time you’ll be so much more happy with what you’ve done. The only thing you can really do is your best, which is often not enough for your personal taste. But believe me you’ll get there someday, it doesn’t matter what you would like to achieve. Don’t let small things like the weather or time be the excuse to give up. I’m telling myself this words nearly everyday and that really helps me to think positive.

Timeless vs. trends

And now onto what this post really is about. Lately I’m thinking a lot about what my style is and if I can still be experimental with other trends without losing what is “me”. Especially since I want to build up my brand here on Magnolia Charles with a cohesive feel and really want it to fit to what is me. I would define my style as feminine, classic and quiet timeless. Never the less I often catch myself thinking that I still love something different while browsing Instagram, Blogs and Magazines. 

Even though I love to have a timeless style and this high quality basics that will last me for a long time, I’m still young and like to have some fun with trends or more special items. Therefor I thought about ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe without losing my own personal style. 

When I went to Zara last week, you know, just to take a look, I passed these sock boots and quickly tried them on. I never thought that I would participate in this whole sock shoes trend especially when it started with the sneakers in summer, but when I saw the boots popping up for Autumn I actually really liked them. These one remind me of boots I saw at Gianvito Rossi, which is actually a very classic Luxury brand. They’re very comfortable and when I tried them with this pleated skirt I knew that they were me, but still I had the feeling of trying out something new.

Afterwards I thought about the best ways to try out the trends you like while having a timeless style:

1 The color

If the color isn’t the trend you should definitely choose the black version of it. For example: I see these shoes in red everywhere as well, but that would be way too much. Opposed to this the black version is already quiet classic and you’ll get a lot more wear out of it.  

2 Buy affordable items

Invest in those classic timeless items, but try out trends with affordable look a likes of Designer pieces on the high street. Zara is great for quickly catching up with new trends, but don’t cost you a lot. This will keep your closet looking fresh, mixing in the trendy affordable pieces with your premium classic basics, and you’ll not be too sad to put them away after one season.

3 Pick a trend that still suits you

For my part I would probably never choose to buy one of those trendy sneaker collaborations or wear band shirts or totally black clothes with zippers, studs and cut outs. Everyone would think I’m completely crazy, since it just don’t suit me and my personal style. Those black sock boots or maybe a faux fur jacket, which are both also on trend, I can totally see myself wearing though.   

Thank you so much for your time reading this and I really hope it helps you in some kind of way. I hope you’ll be having a lovely rest of the week and enjoy it buying some trends and working hard to make your dreams come true!

Shop this look

Zara pleated midi skirt

Zara sock boots

Old Turtleneck (similar here and here with pearl sleeves)

Yves Saint Laurent Clutch (borrowed)

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in "Nude Kate"


Photos by Thomas Lewin

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