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Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday with your loved ones and a good celebration into 2018. I was having the best night in Berlin. Normally I love to stay in with a group of friends to have our own little party, but this year Julian and I went out. I actually ordered an adorable Needle&Thread dress for that occasion (last minute), but it didn’t arrived on time. That's why there unfortunately wasn’t a post last week showing you my New Year’s Eve dress (drama!). It was a fun night though. We started having dinner with our friends and went to a bar on top of a hotel at 11:00. Right in time before 12:00 we had the best spot on the rooftop terrace to watch all the big fireworks of Berlin, which was extra special. Afterwards we spend the night dancing and laughing. I am certainly not the person who can do such a night every weekend month, but I really enjoyed it in this special atmosphere.

The last few days I tried to settle in 2018, but honestly I’m still a little bit in holiday coma. Everyone already seem to be tackling their to do lists, organizing their lifes and setting goals. Personally I would like to stay in bed cuddling and hiding just a little bit more from life. Never the less I was constantly thinking about my goals for this new year the last few days. I really love to do some self-reflection and to have a plan in my head. It’s impossible for me to go into a new year without setting goals and intentions and be just like, let’s see what the future brings. That’s definitely not me. On the other hand I had quite a hard time to really find out what I want this year and to define my goals.

When I look back, 2017 definitely was the year of settling in Berlin for me. I never thought it would happen, but this is my home now. I have the feeling to belong here and love my neighborhood. My job and my colleagues are amazing, which makes a big part spending minimum 8 hours of your day at work. Then finally I found a great fitness routine doing courses 2-3 times a week and my body is stronger than ever. One thing I'm also very happy about is that I got a lot more calm and easy with myself this year. It's an ongoing process, but it's getting better from year to year. And the most beautiful thing of 2017 definitely was to fall in love with Julian. Who could know that the love of your life can live in the apartment directly above yours? I will always remember our fun filled first 7 months together.

Now onto 2018! What do I wish to happen this year? After some serious time with my own thoughts (very serious), I finally set myself 5 goals that I want to be very good at achieving this year:      

1 Saving

I was always very good at saving up and being resistant to small expenses that add up. For this year I want to be even more conscious about my savings and especially don’t only save up for vacations or the next handbag, but also have a bigger financial cushion for just in case happenings. It will be very hard since I’m also keen to save up for some dream handbags and my dream vacation that I definitely want to do in 2019. It’s my dream to travel to the Southern States especially Charleston and spend about three weeks in the area. And to make it extra special and pleasant, I’ll definitely need some savings. 

2 Moving

Julian and I have two apartments of the same size right now, that are both beautiful and perfect for one person, but when the two of us move in together we’d like to move into a bigger apartment instead of keeping one of ours. Besides the sizing it will also be much better to move into a home that is truly OURS and wasn’t his or mine before. It’s very hard to find a good flat in Berlin in our neighborhood these days and it will take some time, but I truly hope we’ll make the big move this year, which will certainly be one of the best days of my life.

3 Finding a good routine with blogging

Improving this blog is an ongoing huge goal of mine. Creating content for Magnolia Charles never really leaves my head and while I'm quite happy about my starting year and all the diary entries so far, I definitely need to work on posting a lot more and bring more useful interesting and quality content to you. There should be more consistency in my posting schedule and I should pour even more work into everything. I just need to find a good routine with blogging. Especially keeping up with my social media channels is very hard for me. I tried everything to plan and schedule and manage around the blog, but life always got in the way. This might be my hardest to achieve goal, but also the one I would feel most satisfied about. I will try my best to improve the blog and everything around it in 2018!

4 Make an effort in spending energizing time with my best friends

Even though I’m settling in Berlin, I really realized over Christmas at home that I want to see my “old” friends that still live in the North of Germany more often. It’s only possible to build a deep true friendship by spending years together, possibly even growing up together. That's when you can really be yourself and truly open up. It fills me with so much energy to have long talks with my favorite people and speak together in person not on the phone and sometimes even shows you, what you didn't know about yourself. They're your honest mirror. That’s why I want to make an effort to visit them more often this year.

5 Doing me

Thinking about my goals has shown me that I want to find out even more about what I really truly deeply want. Am I doing something, because I want to please someone, or because someone else I'm admiring is doing it, or social media or the society says it's on trend or should be done, or because I want to? I can still do it, but I want to be conscious about my decisions and what was their cause. Being influenced by others or situations is totally natural and good, but this year I'll attempt even more to ask myself - is this really me? Being yourself will make you the happiest at the end right?

Those are my 5 main goals for 2018, let's see what I can achieve until the end of the year. I will for sure do a review! What are some of your goals for the new year? I'd love to know!

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