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Dear Santa...

There are a lot of Christmas Gift Guides out there that I definitely can't compete with. But as last year I decided to do one with my favorite pieces from the shops aka a gift guide for her aka my wishlist. Of course all of those things are just wishes and pieces I truly love and this is not a wishlist that I would give my family. All of them are extremely precious and I just love to dream up this lust list on the blog with you.

As you're maybe able to tell I'm on a little bit of a blush and gold trip this Christmas. Seriously I didn't make the color scheme of this collage up before creating it, it just happened to come together while saving pictures of my favorite things. Actually I could wear a lot of those pieces together, which makes me love this list even more.

Every year I'm asking my mum for a pajama set, which kind of became a tradition since years. This year I'm really loving this classic black and white set. The Saint Laurent bag is on top of my wishlist and I'm already planning on gifting it to myself at some point in the next months. Already started to save up! This curling wand is highly admired from so many bloggers and I really think I need to join the hype. A pair of classic patent black pumps is something every woman needs and this one has the perfect shape in my opinion. On the other hand I really love those cozy Ugg boots and slippers that would be absolute staples for the winter time. All of the other pieces are so beautiful as well and would make perfect gifts for someone than is very special to you.

Find more gift ideas for the feminine classic and romantic woman in your life below:

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