Fall uniform: Jumper dress


Lately a lot of the Instagram photos I am saving for inspiration are outfits with jumper dresses. By the way I love this function on Instagram and already made a lot of folders for Fall and Winter fashion, for home decoration or for travel photos I’d like to recreate on an upcoming trip. Back to the jumper dresses. I think it’s the perfect Fall uniform and I’m not wondering anymore why so many bloggers are wearing them again and again.

They’re everything women are wishing for in an outfit:

1.) They are more than cozy and snuggly and I promise you’ll not be freezing even though you’re not wearing tights. For extra warmth I’m adding a thermal underneath it.

2.) Yes, they are warm and cozy, but they’re truly fashionable at the same time and looking great on everyone. Mostly you can’t have both – feeling comfortable and looking stunning, but voila they actually make it possible.

3.) The jumper dress is nearly the whole outfit, so not a lot of thinking is to made in front of your closet in the morning.

4.) They are very versatile so you can reinvent the dress in a new look over and over again. One day with boots and a coat, the next day with loafers and a vest.


When I saw this dress on a lot of UK bloggers and especially on Josie, I knew it was the one. I wanted a light colored one and this fit the bill with its blush cream shade. It’s a great length, so so so soft and I love the sleeves and neckline. I suggest you to size down (I am wearing the XS). Sadly there are only a few left on the River Island website.

It’s safe to say that I am going to be wearing this dress a lot the upcoming weeks and I might even add a few more to my closet. Actually I just changed my closet from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter and cleared out a lot to give away to charity or to sell on. Now it’s pretty empty and I’m in desperate need for new Fall shopping. I’m in this strange purging mood lately, where I want to throw out everything I don’t use. On the first day that I was back from Greece I started cleaning my apartment and ended sorting through all of my stuff, clearing out half of my belongings. Well that was a little excursion to what I am up to at the moment. Do you also have the urge to concentrate only on the things you really need at the moment?

Here are a few more of my favorite jumper dresses as well as my outfit. Happy shopping!


River Island Jumper Dress

Aeyde Lou Chelsea Boots

Coach Borough Bag

Hallhuber Camel Coat

Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses

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