The classic nautical look

Striped pullover navy glossy Hunter boots Ralph Lauren cap

Outfit Details:

Loreak Montreal Striped Pullover, Massimo Dutti Jeans, Hunter Tour Boots, Polo Ralph Lauren cap, Coach Bag

One of the best things you can do for your soul is to look at the sea and take a walk on the beach. You can enjoy the wideness and crisp air and just breath. Well that’s exactly how I pictured my last visit to the sea. What a romantic vision. It was really nice and beautiful of course, but it happened to be the most windiest day of all times and it killed me. It’s just not relaxing at all when you try to wrap your layers more tight around you (yes I obviously brought a jacket), while trying to cover your ears (nope, thought it was too early for beanies) and fighting with your long hair (didn’t consider bringing a hair tie as well). But that’s real life and I enjoyed it never the less. For the photos we hid in some dunes and I actually really like how they turned out. Afterwards we went to a restaurant with a good view directly on the beach and warmed up before walking a little more.

nautical-2 Autumn walk on the beach outfit nautical-4 nautical-5 nautical-6 nautical-7 nautical-8 Preppy Polo Ralph Lauren cap nautical-10 nautical-11 nautical-12 nautical-14 nautical-13

In our busy lives we can forget to take a step back and always seek the next big adventure our work on our to do lists like crazy. All while staying updated in the digital world. But it’s so important to sometimes treat yourself with a day of doing nothing but relaxing, taking walks in the nature or chat and eat with your loved ones. It’s to fuel up on what comes and sets everything into perspective. So you know what you have to do next weekend.

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