5 Things I learned about myself through blogging

This month actually marks the one year anniversary of Magnolia Charles. To be honest with you, I thought I would be at a total different place with my blog right now. Not that I expected it to have a ton of following, but I’d rather expect me to be in a better place with it and be a lot more into the flow of things. I’m still struggling to find my routine next to my full time job as well as my own voice and identity. And that’s the most important thing right? Consistency and Identity. I’m sure that it will develop quite natural over time, it will just take a lot more time for me, since I can’t post 3-5 times a week. 
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My Fall Picks

How to avoid the trend of busyness

We are living in a world where busyness is trend and even cherished. It’s cool to work until you’re totally exhausted and even in your private life every hour needs to be filled with new and exciting things and social events. But where fits calmness, reflection and me-time, if you’re the busiest bee on the planet? Is it even worth…
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It’s Launch Day

Yeay, it’s November 7th and Magnolia Charles is finally launching. It’s a very special day for me, since I was planning this for such a long time. You can read more on this in my first post – my journey to blogging. Right now I’m excited, happy and nervous all at the same time. Out of perfectionism and fear I put…
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