About the brand

Welcome to Magnolia Charles, a personal branded fashion and lifestyle blog that aims to inspire the everyday woman with elevated yet approachable style. Founded in 2016 it sets itself apart with its feminine and classy fashion sense and desire to act like a modern lady.

Magnolia Charles is based in Berlin, Germany, but takes strong influence from modern American fashion, design and culture. Especially the Eastern and Southern States constantly inspire me and that’s the reason I named this blog “Magnolia Charles”.

I’m honoring femininity over everything in this world and strongly believe that you can still be the tough career woman (today known as “girlboss”) and maintain your power while embracing your girly side. I believe that the most important thing is to be you and express your true self with how you dress, behave and live. Trends come and go daily, but inventing your classic pieces new every day is the true secret to timeless style. In a world where everything needs to be more extreme, contemporary, edgy, masculine and bulky, I’m on a mission to preserve the graceful, charming, feminine and romantic look on everything and want to show it to you through my eyes.

However Magnolia Charles is not only a destination for lovers of fashion, but it is also a place where I want to record and share some of life’s sweetest and most exciting moments. It will be great to look back one day on a diary full of beautiful and fun memories of travels and important life stages and of course on my style evolution.

I truly hope that this journal can be a source of inspiration for feminine, romantic and timeless style to your outfits and life wherever you are on this beautiful world.

Thank you for following along my story and for your kind support!

xx Sally

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