5 Things I learned about myself through blogging

My Blogging Journey

This month actually marks the one year anniversary of Magnolia Charles. To be honest with you, I thought I would be at a total different place with my blog right now. Not that I expected it to have a ton of following, but I’d rather expect me to be in a better place with it and be a lot more into the flow of things. I’m still struggling to find my routine next to my full time job as well as my own voice and identity. And that’s the most important thing right? Consistency and Identity. I’m sure that it will develop quite natural over time, it will just take a lot more time for me, since I can’t post 3-5 times a week. 

Never the less I definitely know who I am and what I want to picture and narrate with Magnolia Charles. It’s a passion project that is really really important to me. And in this year of blogging I learned a few things about myself that, just by acknowledging it, helped me a lot to improve and go on. I needed to leave a lot of doubt behind and concentrate on the things that I actually can do. It was difficult to leave my fear behind, but the best thing to deal with that is to have a good plan, extraordinary time management and then just go for it.  And of course the most important thing is to have fun while blogging about what you love. 

Quality over quantity

Right at the beginning I thought I need to do it all. But that’s just not possible. Therefor I rather post one bigger more thoughtful post a week instead of three. I was always a person that seeks for quality more than for quantity. It’s the same with my closet, where I actually don’t have a lot of pieces and mostly buy this one bigger purchase that I will love for a long time. Also I'll more likely invest in a great quality designer handbag once and only have this one bag that I’ll wear everyday, than having various different affordable choices. And with blogging I decided to do the same. I’m investing a lot of time in this one post per week and therefor I’m a lot more happy with the result at the end. I can always change that over time, but right now while doing a fulltime job it’s what works best for me without getting burned out. 

Anxiety was never so big

Actually not one thing in my life gave me so much anxiety yet than blogging. I happily travelled abroad and made choices to live in different cities for my career. When I really wanted to go to this one university or have this specific job, I did everything to reach my target. Of course there where struggles, but I just did it. With blogging there was always so much that paralyzed me. It was this big thing that I wanted to do since about 10 years ago. But that only shows how important blogging is to me and that I needed to get over my anxiety and start working for it. And that’s just what I need to tell myself again and again. I’m always failing but the only thing I can do is go on and on and never give up. 

Time management

Time management never really was a big problem for me. I’m a very organized person and have my life together pretty well. But with blogging it’s on another level. Right now I think I finally got the hang of it with writing and editing in the evenings, shooting a bunch of posts on the weekends and posting on Instagram in my lunch breaks. Of course there is you’re normal life and when I’ll go to fitness after work and maybe have to buy groceries and eat dinner afterwards it will be 10pm and I still need to write a blog post for the next day. My brain is not functioning at all at that time. Then I will wake up earlier in the morning to write, since I’m working best during this time. The best thing is to set yourself a deadline when you really want to post something (I mean you don’t have to, nobody forces you) and then set this to priority. Sometimes my apartment looks like a mess, but the most important thing is that the post is up.  

I was never more concerned about the weather

This is a little bit odd, but let me tell you - weather plays such a big role in keeping up with your blog. Of course I always didn’t like rainy weather and dark days, but now all I can think of is, if it’s going to rain or if the light will be good enough for taking blog pictures. Without the pictures you don’t have content and therefor can’t blog or post photos on Instagram. Especially in the winter it’s very hard when it’s getting dark outside so early. Most of the time I’ll plan the shootings with my photographer ahead of time and when it’s going to rain that day, you need to make the most out of it. But spontaneous content is quiet difficult in the winter. Therefor we can go back to point 3 - time management. You need to plan all your content very well, so that you can shoot a bunch on a good day. For us it’s mostly Saturday or Sunday meeting at 9am and shooting until midday. And for luck we are real people in real weather conditions with wind and rain and not staged models. Showing real life on the blog and still making great pictures is better than not doing it, because of the weather.

I was never so passionate about something and, even though I struggle a lot, I love it so much

Even though I thought a lot of times: Why am I even doing this to me? Why do I meet my photographer at 9am on a Sunday to shoot content instead of cuddling my love while sleeping in? Why do I work on the blog in the evenings instead of watching Netflix? Why do I invest, when I’m not even 100% happy and satisfied with my content? The answer is: blogging is what’s in my mind all the time. I’m thinking about ideas at least once every hour in a day. When I wake up and before I fall asleep. Do you have this thing that makes you have butterflies in your stomach and really excites you more than anything else? For some it might be football or dancing and for me it’s blogging. The whole community and world around it keeps me being inspired and therefor wanting to share content myself. I’m just so passionate about it and don’t think that will stop any time soon.

 Actually about the last two months I finally have the feeling that I’m slowly getting ahead of this blogging thing. I feel more happy with my content and get to organize everything from shoots to writing blog posts in the evening and having my „normal“ life a lot better. It just needs time to build up a brand and getting into a routine and even though it’s baby steps, that’s ok. If I just don’t give up and go on, I will learn even more to improve myself and Magnolia Charles. Next year this time I will be at a totally different place as well. Just don’t give up something that is so important to you, because it’s hard and your not 100% happy with the outcome. Everyone needs to start and in a few years time I might look back on a funny first year and on a lot of work I put into building the brand, but it was worth it. I will never stop trying to work hard for Magnolia Charles and I know that one day I will be happy with this site and very very proud. 

Perfect timing to give a huge thank you to all of you that write me lovely comments and support me and want me to share this blog. It’s amazing to find friends from the other side of the world with the same passion. Thank you so much for your time and motivation boosts. That’s truly the best thing about having a blog. Can’t wait to find even more like minded people and support each other. If you have questions, always feel free to send me a message or leave me a comment. And if you’re reading this and have the dream to open up you’re own blog, even though you struggle as much as I did/do, just go for it. And if you’re having a bad day, just reach out to me and maybe we can lift each other up and get the energy to work even harder.


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