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Since I’m a newbie blogger and just starting out, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about me, my life and my personality with you. I always see most of the blogger girls I’m reading as some kind of friends that are sharing inspiration, tips and their life with me. I want to be the same for you – a good friend in a conversation. So I’m always loving to get your feedback or just a story from your own experiences or questions of any kind.

Of course it’s always a risk to put out your personality and life on the internet and I’m usually, as you can read on in a minute, not the most open person. But I think the value you get out of honest and kind chats with same minded people from all over the world is much bigger.

So here they are – 25 facts about me – some of them personal, some of them weird and some of them maybe unnecessary. I love reading them at other girl’s blogs and find similarities. Let me hear what we have in common in the comments.


I’m a total morning person. You can see me dropping the snooze button sometimes at the end of the work week, but usually I’m wide awake and ready for adventures right after the alarm goes off. It’s my favourite time of the day when everything is waking up and has a fresh start. I also have the best ideas and am the most productive in the mornings. In the evenings I’m so sleepy and it’s a great success if I can stay up until after 11. Of course that applys to normal days, when I sleep out at the weekend I can get a energy push at 1 am and write down things like crazy.


My hair is naturally a dark gold blond color. But I always loved red or rather copper hair and admired actresses and models with it. After thinking it out I finally made the big change 2,5 years ago. Now everyone is always asking me if it’s real, since they say it fits so perfectly with my light skin and freckles. And I really do feel like a true red head and never want to change it back.


You can really say I’m the biggest dreamer on the world. Most of the time when I’m walking down the street, I don’t recognize my surrounding since I’m in my own world thinking about ideas. I definitely can overthink things as well. It would be great to have a shut off button somewhere.


In my free time I really love reading. Now that I have the blog I don’t find that much time for it anymore but it’s the perfect thing to calm down at the end of the day and fell asleep easier. I think it’s wonderful to be able to dive into different worlds and stories page by page or learn anything that you want from books.


Even though I love dancing I’m not the biggest party animal and never was. It’s just not appealing to me. My idea of a perfect evening is with a group of very close friends in a bar or restaurant or on the sofa with my boyfriend and laptop.


My number one least favourite thing to do is grocery shopping. I hate it. Even when I’m having the biggest cravings I will not walk out of the house going to get what I want because I hate it so much. And when it’s necessary I try to get over with it as fast as possible. It doesn’t help that I’m a very picky eater and always don’t know what to buy.


I was named after Sally from the movie “When Harry met Sally” with Meg Ryan. But I can tell you, I never do such things in restaurants. Even though my Mum thinks the scene where she orders food reminds her of me ordering food, which is kind of true.


I’m an introvert and love it. I’m not shy but just choose when I like to be open. Therefor I can be quiet in new groups but absolutely open and crazy with my best friends. When I don’t want to, I just don’t put the energy in socializing. It’s not an easy thing for me as for other people and sympathy plays a big role. On the other hand I can totally stand in for myself and represent my opinion if necessary especially in work related situations, which is the most important thing. Definitely planning on doing a whole Girlpower blog post on the perks of being an introvert.


When I want something really bad there is no holding back for me, I can’t stop until I reach my target. I’m a believer of, if you’re working hard enough you can reach almost anything. Of course there are things that are not in your hands and that you can’t affect with hard work. But one of my favourite quotes is “don’t stop until you’re proud”. So work for it! You can do it!


My dream is to live in a different country for a longer time or even forever in the future. I already lived in Capetown, Istanbul and Shanghai for a few months, but for the future I have this idealistic imagination of living the American dream. There is this picture in my head of a colonial house in between fields and meadows or in a small town, with a big front porch and near a lake of course (pun on the movie “The notebook” intended). I’m very aware that this might stay a vision, but I just wanted to share what is my biggest most romantic and idealistic dream.


My boyfriend Julian and are actually neighbors. He is living in the apartment right above mine and we only met after I lived there for a year due to a water damage in the building. True story and the detailed one will be told another time.


I grew up in a small town in the North of Germany. For my job I moved to Berlin in March 2016. Now is the right time for the big city, but I think I don’t see me, my style and my life long term in Berlin. I love the possibilities here, but the city just doesn’t fit me 100% and I rather like to live in a house on the country one day.


Saying that: Even though I love fashion and the life in the city right know, I was always a little torn between big city fashion life and small town country life. I always have done horse riding and wanted to be a veterinarian. But when I got older the love for fashion grew bigger and bigger and I decided that now is the time for pursuing my dream career in fashion. Besides there will be a time again for the country and horses in the future. But wherever I am and whatever I’m doing I think I will always miss one thing.


I’m working fulltime in the fashion business and writing the blog next to it. I feel so passionate about both of it, which gives me the energy to pour my heart into two fulltime jobs. But it takes a whole lot of organizing and commitment.


It’s weird, but I love to sing strange self-made songs for our animals but definitely can’t sing at all. Sometimes I call my dad and tell him to put the telephone to our family dog since I’m scared nobody sings for her when I’m not there. I really don’t know what she thinks about it.


I would call myself a very positive person right now. But it was a journey since I have been more of a “the glass is half empty” person in the past. I’m proud of the journey I have made and even though it takes a lot of work to stay positive, it’s totally worth it. Actually girls from all over the world writing about it on their blogs and encouraging each other has helped me so much in the process. And that’s exactly why I wanted to build Magnolia Charles and the Girlpower category as well. I think it’s just so useless for you and everybody around you to dwell in negative feelings. Even when something is getting wrong, if I don’t have direct impact on it, I don’t want it to affect my mood. I rather be happy and make myself busy with things I love to do in critical moments. In my opinion it’s a decision to be happy and concentrate on the positive. Of course I’m talking about an overall state of life and it’s an ongoing process since there are things that make me sad/angry.


I’m actually not that much of a social media person and even though I love to write, it’s really hard for me to always update all channels. When I’m with friends you can nearly never see me having my phone in my hands and I rather like to meet personally than chat over various networks. Never the less sharing a special topic and kind of artsy inspirational pictures is another thing. But I still need to get used to really sharing and don’t forget to take pictures of things I want to post.


My favorite movie is not something classy such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. No, it’s actually just Bridget Jones that I can laugh on so so much.


You are talking to a passionate type A planning girl here. I love stationary, planners, sticky notes and stickers of all kinds. I have to do lists flowing everywhere but to my regret I need to admit that in the past I always got lazy with keeping up a written calendar. I just purchased the Kate Spade Agenda and need to work on that!


If I could pick a superpower/supernatural ability I would definitely pick being able to time travel. Even though I love this time and it’s endless possibilities, I really think I could fit in a different time in the past. I’m just fascinated by so many historic happenings and it would be amazing to travel there and see it with my own eyes. Obviously there are things in the past that I can happily refuse to experience (thinking about war, hygiene, women rights and about 1000 more).


If I would be one Sex and the city character I would definitely be Charlotte. I think I’m not as naive and a little bit more career driven than family building driven, but I love the quote of her: “I’m sweet, romantic and traditional. I’m a bit prissy and naive, and I won’t settle for less than a picture perfect life”.


Even though I actually don’t drink coffee, I have a thing for mugs. I think they are the perfect lifestyle accessory. One day I would actually like to design some myself.


My colleagues have a rather interesting nickname for me. Sometimes they will call me either Bree or Bree’s daughter since I remind them of Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives.


My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I’m just the biggest fan and love all the decorations and the happy atmosphere. Also I’m this crazy person that bakes Christmas cookies throughout the whole year and calls them summer cookies. They’re too tasty to just eat them in December.


I’m a hopeless romantic and realist at the same time. It’s like a little angel and devil speaking from my shoulders. One is in the clouds and one always brings me down. That might be a good thing but it always takes time until they fight out decisions and one of them wins. Normally the romantic has the big dreams and picture perfect ideas and the realist tries to reach them in a reasonable way (works really only 10% of the time).



  1. May 3, 2017 / 07:22

    Hi Sally!
    I loved this post because I found out that we have so much in common! I also HATE the grocery store. It’s truly the worst part of my week. I’m also super type A and wouldn’t be able to function without my lists and sticky notes. They are just too handy. Also not a coffee drinker even though I live in the city where Starbucks was founded.
    xo – Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde

    • May 3, 2017 / 22:03

      Dear Ana Luiza,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. That’s exactly what I’ve hoped for with this post. I’m so happy that we have so many things in common! So funny that you like/dislike the same things!
      Wishing you all the best and many grocery shopping free days!

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